Flexible onsite accommodation for contractors


Do You Experience Any Of These 5 Problems?

  • Expensive contractor accommodation
  • Rising costs of material (and it is not safe to stockpile)
  • Unreliable contractors (due to long commutes)
  • Theft of materials and machinery
  • Insurance companies not paying out as no one was on site overnight

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Then Sleep Pods On Site Are The Start-to-Finish Solution That You Need

Only 3 Sleep Pods Left In Stock Now, Don’t Be The One Who Missed The Boat

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The Spod®

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Move-in ready:

Secure (keypad lock)



Mattress, cushions and blankets, curtains

Solar and mains-powered battery for

phone charging

electric blanket (supplied)

LED (supplied)


Why This?

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You can save money on contractor accommodations and contractor travel, and have free site security.

Your contractors are more available to you on-site.

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Why Us?

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Spodstore.com is the only UK-based company offering sleep pods specifically to the Construction industry. We have a 20-year history of renting out properties to tenants.

The sleep pods are made of environmentally sustainable materials, the insulation is 10cm thick sheep’s wool, the base is made from a second-hand pallet, the roof is made of rubber, and there are solar panels generating the electricity.

We offer quality and convenience along with excellent customer service.

Why Now?

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There is currently a shortage of contractors and if you can offer them their own private space (rather than having to share a hotel room), savings on accommodation and travel and utility costs, and the time saving of not having to commute for hours, they may choose your building site over someone else’s.

Costs of materials are rising due to rising inflation, having someone on-site means you have site security for your materials and machinery. This means you can stockpile materials to beat inflation during the course of the build. The sleep pods are so well insulated, they can be used throughout the year, they also have electric blankets for extra heat.

The new Building Safety Act 2022, April 28th, means that contractors are now not allowed to sleep in the building under construction (18 floors or more) until after the completion of the building and the registration under section 78. Sleep pods can be used as pop-up accommodation for contractors.

The sleep pods are so well insulated that they can be used all year round.

No-risk money-back guarantee. If you are not entirely happy, your money is returned on the first day.