Who are we?

Spodstore is a UK-based company that offers premium sleep pods to those who need a safe place to rest. What sets them apart? These above-ground structures are insulated, secure, mobile, and eco-friendly.

When founder, Nicole Horner first established Spodstore, her goal was to produce the best sleep pods in the world. She was also intent on using only renewable materials to achieve this. As a result, Spodstore sleep pods are made from recycled pallets and biodegradable timber, filled with sheep’s wool insulation.

What are sleep pods?

Fast, mobile accommodation that’s more substantial than tents. They include a soft, foam mattress, double glazed windows, and storage space, and electricity. All of them are private, secure, and extremely comfortable.

You can rent pods that are already assembled.

Watch Demos: https://spodstore.com/structure-and-construction/

Who benefits from them?

Spodstore provides sleeping space for Construction contractors. Long-distance commuters looking to save time and money. Night duty workers who need a place to rest in between shifts.

Where do you put them?

Camping sites, and Construction sites.